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When Does Deer Hunting Season Start and End?

WHen does deer hunting season start and end. Also is it illegal to shoot does and fawns, and just shoot bucks. Im doing a presentation on how it illegal to kill bambi’s mom.

Asked by:kyle k


  1. fishineasy says:

    It really depends on where you live as to when deer season starts. Here in Louisiana deer season is from Oct. 11 – Jan. 11 depending on what Parish you live in. Deer tags were published this year for this first time is a while. So you are allowed to kill only so many doe and so many buck. There is also a season for bow and arrow hunters as well.

    Hope this helped you out.

    And no it is not illegal to kill bambi’s mom.

    wife of a hunter

  2. Dr Awkward says:

    Texas rifle season starts 1st weekend in Nov and lasts 2 months with bow season starting a month earlier. Legal kills allowed depend on the population as determined by Tx Parks and wildlife. They issue doe tags according to individual counties and property owners based on sample populations and estimates. It is in an attempt to control game management. Overpopulation is worse than over hunting. Wildlife starves or invades live stocks food sources, get hit feeding on roadways etc. when pop. gets out of control.
    Buck tags are part of your regular hunting license and two per season is normal but not absolute. No fawns are allowed to be hunted, ever as far as I know.
    Hunters pay for 95% of all expenses in game management and wildlife populations are healthier now than they have been in 25 years.
    Alcohol and guns don’t mix. Be safe.

  3. roadhunter says:

    You need to find a new topic. Here in Oklahoma, killing does is highly encouraged. You can kill far more of them than you can bucks. This is to help reduce the population of deer so less of them starve to death or get hit by cars.
    Deer season, if you include Archery, Primitive Firearms, and Modern Gun, runs from October 1st through the end of January of the next year.
    It is not illegal to shoot fawns, but by October 1, they have lost all of their spots. I saw a guy check in a doe this year that weighed 46 lbs before being field dressed, so it was definitely born earlier this year.

  4. joda_68 says:

    In California, it depends on what zone you’re in, but the earliest season starts in July, and the latest general season ends in November. You can only shoot bucks, with a forked horn on one side, or bigger. In eastern states, you can shoot does, in fact you are required to in some states, but they have entirely different herd dynamics out there.

  5. bigbucks27 says:

    seasons depend on the state or province your in….within the given regulations most areas allow controlled harvest of fawns and does….if you didn’t shoot does the population would grow out of control…so your essay is already a fail because it is legal to “kill bambis mom”!

  6. Paul says:

    Here in southern Illinois it starts October 1 for bow hunters and ends January somewhere around the 15 th. Shot gun hunters came out the Weekend before thanksgiving and another season starts tomorrow. Just for the weekend. I only hunt bow right now and I’ve had no luck yet. I hurt my back last season and could not hunt. So I”m a little out of shape. But I’ll get it yet. I hunt for food, not sport , but it is enjoyable.You cannot kill fawns. No it is not illegal to kill bambi’s mom. I usually kill young bucks.

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