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FREE Deer Hunting Stand Plans

Hunting stands make great wildlife observation possible

Most hunters have the opportunity to see wildlife as nature intended, An owl in the branch next to you, a coyote on the prowl for it’s next meal, the change of season thru the trees, beautiful sunsets or big orange full moon staring at you. It’s hard to beat the sights from your tree stand.
Deer hunting stand plans

This hunting stand has become very popular with members of our hunting club, typically we build it as drawn above and then move it with our 16′ atv trailer. If you want to save money or just want to make it a ground blind, just leave off the lower 60″ including the flooring. Another variation that is popular, add 2x6x120″ skids bolted to the sides, add a brace between the 2 skid boards and build permanent stairs, cut the skid boards to an angle or round to keep it from digging in and it can be pulled by your atv, tractor or truck as a mobile stand.

Deer box stand instructions

Build this on flat ground. First lay out your 4×4 post and square them off placing the 2×6 braces at the flooring and bottom base levels, making sure that the floor level braces are square. Then cut 4-2×6 floor trusses to length, putting 2 inside the 4x4post and the other 2 goes in at 2′ on center from the outside of your 4×4 post. Next add the angle braces at the 4×4 post below floor level as shown. Now cut 3/4 plywood flooring and screw this down (nails will come loose) using deck screws works best. Once flooring is in place, frame the inside 2×4 framing as shown above, check for square at the corners and at the flooring.

After your sure the hunting stand is square put on your siding, any exterior product will work but we prefer t1-11 w/4″oc. siding, it holds up better than regular plywood. When putting on the siding make sure you drill holes at the corners of your windows and door so you can cut out these openings. You can install a door or windows if you want, we prefer to leave these open and use blind materials to cover these openings.

Now this stand should be getting solid so your ready for the roof trusses. set your 2×4 trusses from front to back at 2′ on center. Place a level or board across the trusses and install the 2- 2×6 fascia over the siding and level with your trusses. Once these are in place you are ready for your roofing,cut it to fit from fascia to fascia with a small over hang front and back about 2″ is ok. You can use any roofing material but we’ve found metal roofing to be loud. 1/2″ exterior plywood with a heavy coating of roof felt works good.

Your ready for paint, we like to try matching colors from the area where you plan to place your stand. Usually grays,tans,browns and green mixed to match the surrounding patterns. Then we add the camo coverings for the windows and door. You can add some hangers or shelves inside with any left over wood.

Before adding the stairs if you want to put your hunting stand on skids and make it mobile, you would add 2-2x6x120″ boards bolted to your bottom braces. Add a brace across the door side flat at the back, this would be your last step from your stairs. Use 2- 2×6 runners coming from the door to the bottom brace or the ground and space these 2′ apart. Now add 2x6x24″ steps at equal distance usually we go 12″ apart and cut some leftover 2×4 pieces as bracing on each side, below each step. If you maintain this annually you will get many years out of this stand and you’ll have a dry spot to hunt on rainy days. Good luck and hope you have a successful hunting season, enjoy our free tips and pass our site along to your hunting buddies.Click for a larger view of pics.
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