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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Looking for a Big Game Hunting Outfitter With Spa for Wife to Come Along?

Trying to plan another big game hunting trip, but the wife wants to come along this year. So I need to find a “resort” type atmosphere, prefferebly with spa and other accomodations to entertain her while I’m hunting during the … Read the rest here

Is a 30-6 Big Enough for Elk Hunting and How Much for Licenses?

Me and my grandpa want to take a trip to Colorado hunting elk. Does a 30-06 have a good enough range?

Asked by:Eric Corbett

Should I Get a New Vehicle for Big Game Hunting?

Will a car do? What about hauling a moose or bear out? I am thinking of getting an Argo or atv for my farm, and keep my car, but not sure which one? Or even a pickup?

Asked by:SasySusy

Has Anyone Used the Remington R 15 for Hunting Deer?

I have a Remington R 15 .223 I was going to take it out deer hunting this year because its accurate as hell, and a great rifle. I live in Texas, and use to work in a gun store and … Read the rest here

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