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When Does Deer Hunting With a Gun Start in Wisconsin?

my dad and i are really exited to go hunting this season but we don’t know when the season starts. dad thinks it is in November and i think it is in october. When is the exact date for deer … Read the rest here

What Is the Best Crossbow for Hunting Whitetail Deer?

Do I need to concentrate on poundage and/or FPS ? I want to go hunting Deer and possibly Beer in NYS next year, 2011, when it becomes legal.
Wallow……, first of all everything I killl for the meat. I do … Read the rest here

What Is the Best Climbing Sticks to Use for Deer Hunting?

This will be the first year I am deer (bow) hunting. The group I go w/ just uses 3 inch pegs (portable) that snap on nails that are in the tree to climb up the tree. It seems pretty unsafe … Read the rest here

What Is the Best Pistol Caliber to Carry as a Side Arm While Deer/elk Hunting?

I am just looking for something to grab for if the time came a bear or a cougar sneaks up on me.. revolver or auto? .45 ACP?

Asked by:Willy

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