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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

What’s the Best Big Game Hunting Broadhead?

I’ve got a 60 lbs compound bow what can I hunt with that bow and what are the best broadheads for deer and other big game thanks

Asked by:Luke M

All Game Considered What State Has the Best Big Game Hunting?

Please explain your answer, I’m trying to compare/contrast big game hunting opportunity by state.

Asked by:Michael

Best Hunting Shotgun for Me?

I am looking for a shotgun at around $300-$400. I am going to hunt rabbit, squirrel, turkey, and deer. I may eventually go waterfowl or dove, but i have other guns for that. I will buy a slug barrel for … Read the rest here

Anyone Have Gift Suggestions for Son Going Elk Hunting for the First Time?

My son hunts with both rifle and bow. He hunts deer but has been given a Christmas “hunt for elk”. Is there any equipment he would be grateful to have for this hunt? He wants to try and get the … Read the rest here

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