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What 308 Round Should Be Sure Used for Deer Hunting?

I want to hunt deer for the meat. Not the trophy. I own a .308 remington. What grain and type of round should i use for minimal meat damage? Ide like to reload later down the road as well. What … Read the rest here

Would a MOSIN NAGANT 91/30 Make a Good Elk Hunting Rifle?

I know these things are cheap, but are they crappy quality? or are they just cheap because there are so many of them? Thanks.
anybody have an idea what the max range is? That it can still be accurate without … Read the rest here

How Do You Kill the Lion in Cabela’s Big Game Hunting?

It’s pissing me off bigtime.

Asked by:rockahaulic

What Is the Best Big Game Hunting Bullet I Can Use ?

I don’t re-load so it needs to be factory ammo. What is the best big game hunting bullet I can use in my 308 win. I will be using it on big Canadian whitetails and moose. I just want one … Read the rest here

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