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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Is the Elk Hunting Good in New Mexico Unit 57?

Ive got a landowner tag in unit 57 and was just wanting to know what i should expect

Asked by:Mr. Hunter

What Is the Best Type of German Mauser for Hunting Big Game?

Preferably in 30-06 but open to any suggestions.

Asked by:Mike

Well, Big Game Hunting Is Pretty Much Over This Year, So What Is Your Cure for “Buck Fever”?

Give some ideas. Personally, I got bass fishing, Squirrel hunting, and a little bit of bird hunting, but I’m looking for some new ideas.

Asked by:North Carolina Buck Slayer

Where the Deuce Can Ones Wife and One Go Big Game Hunting These Days?

I took the wife to the darkest Africa in the 30s and we bagged a couple of tigers but dashed if i can find were to do it these days.

Thank You

Asked by:The Voice of Reason

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