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Whats the Difference Between Hunting Seals and Hunting Deer?

Most people seem to protest against seal hunting – why? I’m a vegetarian so I am against it but I can’t think of any logical reason why its worse than deer or cow killing.

Asked by:Melissa Swan

How Old Should a Person Be Before They Start Hunting Deer?

I’m having huge arguments with my in-laws about this topic. I was 6 years-old when my father bought me a cross-bow, but I didn’t get my first deer until I was 8. They think I’m full of it and told … Read the rest here

How Does Big Game Hunting in North America, Europe and Africa Benefit Nature and Local Communities?

Firstly, please note that this question is clearly not aimed at the anti-hunting, anti-gun lobby, so please don’t answer with such comments.

I am not a hunter myself but I am very interested in the history of hunting and the … Read the rest here

How Can I Get My Wife to Tolerate My Deer Hunting?

She knew I was an avid hunter before we got married, and she has knowingly eaten and even cooked deer meat. For some reason, now, my hunting is a problem. I’ve tried all the logical arguments, but she still gets … Read the rest here

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