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Deer hunting basics, tips, How to’s, free information and resources.
This hunting site is for everyday deer hunters, we’ll bring you the latest information, How to’s, scouting reports that you’ll need for a successful hunting season. You won’t find any high fence hunts, no outfitters or hunting guides, just hard working deer hunters from small hunt clubs or groups like most of you. Our hunts all come from management areas, or small leased parcels.
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    July-August: You know your a deer hunter if

You’re spending much of your time anticipating the upcoming hunting season. If you’re spending weekends in the woods scouting deer. If your trail cams are sitting over mineral beds hoping to get some good pics of bucks in velvet. You gear is cleaned, gun sighted, and clothes are sitting in a scent free bag.

Now is a great time to make yourself, a hunting checklist for everything you need this hunting season. Make sure you have the latest aerial and topo maps, and start scouting with some trail cams. Last week was the first pics we got of a bachelor bucks with nice fat velvet racks, got the heart pounding.
Next weekend we will be turning over our food plots and putting some lime into the soil. It’s still a little too early to trim shooting lanes, branches are coming back too fast. Start looking over weather and moon charts, look at Farmer’s Almanac forecast for this winter, it’s more helpful than you’d expect.